FLAK, Masters of Entropy

Finally, what originally was Cooperkind, then Masters of Entropy, now is FLAK: Masters of Entropy.

I was looking for a short name, but still liked Masters of Entropy, so MoE is now the subtitle.

I know that the Flak cannons were anti aircraft artillery, but… who cares :D , the artillery ingame is based on the 88 Flak cannon.

FLAK Masters of entropy POSTER

Sketch Rockets

poster Sketch Rockets

Sketch Rockets is the new name for Aldebaraan.
Despite how much i like the old name, the truth is that name is no good for commercial purpuses.

The new name will be lunched along the new massive update for the game, with new engine, a brand new In App Store and lots of new things!

In the store you can buy Coins. Coins is the ingame currency to unlock maps, to buy extra lives in endless mode or to purchase upgrades for your rockets.

Coins can be also obteined by simply play maps in campaing mode or endless. There may be a daily map for extra coins.
The new campaign mode is builded in blocks of nine maps. Each block must be unlocked with stars (wich you win in each map according of how much points you make) or with coins.

Hope you like the new version of Sketch Rockets!



The war factory

The main reason to develop Masters of Entropy is an old desire to play a good artillery game. Back in the early 2000’s Worms was the artillery game by exelence, and the only one. At least the only good one. The other legendary but even older artillery game is Scorched Earth released in 1991. For me, this two are all the good artillery games ever made, and i felt empty. Scorched Earth is too old and lost some magic. Worms slowly evolutioned and now is no longer an artillery game, but a game where players go right to they rivals and push them. Also i wanted a real artillery game, not cartoon worms fighting (i loved Worms, but i want a flak cannon,  real artillery stuff).


The making of the first cannon. Made in Blender 3D,  the parts will be used in 2D ingame.


Ten years ago i asked some friends for help to start this proyect, but what i wanted was too advance for us. Now the time has come and MoE is growing fast.

There are three areas where im focusing:

  • The physics: The fact that everything fly away and collapses turns to be a twist in the artillery genre. And make the game fun to play and observe.
  • The artillery models: I want the “tanks” to be fictional, but with real life feeling. Like the artillery ingame could be a real life cannon model. Inspired specially in WW2 real cannons, like the german Flak 88MM.
  • The ballistic: I want variety of weapons, but there are two important points:
  1. All weapons must comply with the basic rule of every artillery game: To calculate angle and power. I dont want “easy” weapons that automatically fly to the enemy, or “click kill”, like in Worm where you simply click a target and a second later a giant donkey falls from the sky killing 3 players.
  2. They must be beautiful to see. I want them to be mesmerizing and generate a pleasure sensation on the player who shoot it. For this im working in a lot of weapons with cluster missiles, with organic movement, with little random behavior.

The weapon list so far is:

  1. Basic: The free unlimited bomb that have nothing special and do little damage
  2. Spine: Same as basic, buy explodes 0.5 secods after impact, wich makes soil to fly further.
  3. Bomb cluster: Eight bombs fired simultaneously in random pattern.
  4. Nuke: Like basic bomb, but with huge explosion.
  5. Mines: a drop that is fired like a bomb, but will drop contact mines every 0.2 seconds, leaving a dangerous path.
  6. Granade cluster: A middle activable granade that will shot 12 mini missiles that will go to the granade itself wherever it lands.
  7. Machine gun: Fire 30 bullets at fixed power.
  8. Funky Bomb: A granade that bounces randomly and explodes, launching 4 powerfull misiles with random behavior.
  9. Triple threat: Fires three missiles at once.
  10. Spin Six: Fires 6 missiles with 0.2 seconds interval. After 3 seconds these missiles get a round movement patern, then they fall in many directions.
  11. Beacon: Fires a beacon, wich is used as target for many weapons.
  12. zepelin: call a zepeling to attack the beacon.
  13. Multi Missile Luncher: Fires 12 powerfuls missiles with 0.2 seconds interval.
  14. Palm Bomb: fires a missile that always fly right above the player, explodes 3 seconds later lunching three misiles to each side.
  15. Gravitational: a granade that inverts gravity
  16. Mimic Drone: Launches a granade activable in midair, and creates a mimic drone, wich mimics players angle (but inverted) and fires a basic missile whenever the owner fires.
  17. Misile dropper A missile that drops hundreds of mini missiles while its flying.
  18. Rain Granade: A granade that will fire 12 clusters to the ground after 2 seconds
  19. Flak: A missile midair activable that spaw several explosions to get rid of flying objects.
  20. Chicken: Fires a Chicken that do one damage. Ideal to humiliate your opponent.
  21. Aimed missile luncher: Four granades that will fire up to ten missiles to the beacon.

There are still plenty of weapons,  utility devices and passive items to do.

In the meantime… to the work station!

See you.