A “new” game is coming…


In the year 2008 i was dreaming about making a game “worm” style, an artillery game. In 2011 Shoor was funded and the first proyect we focus on was this game.

First called “Cooperkind: The extraordinary duel of the ballishoodtic brother“, this version of the game was intended to have a really good physics on the terrain, wich would have given it a really interesting twist ingame mechanics compared to other artillery games.

We quickly realized that that was beyond our ability, so we left the proyect on hold.

Almost seven years later, while Juan is working in the port of Aldebaraan, and the rest of us is working on The Dead Astronauts House, a little nostalgic bug bitten me.

Three months ago i started to work again in my first proyect, an artillery game.


The Nuke, some of the first weapons made. Everything you see here are placeholders


Cooperkind’s art style was intended to be steampunk, but this rebirth version will be dieselpunk, so Cooperkind is no longer the proyect’s name.

I already have a working prototype, and i can say that the destruction element in the game will be very relevant.

With that in mind i named it MASTERS OF ENTROPY.

  • Entropy definition
  • ˈɛntrəpi
  • noun


    a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.
    “the second law of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time”


    lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
    “a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme”

Im making the game with Construct 2, wich is not good at all managing physics. Wich means that will have an impact in low spect machines.

Thats why Masters Of Entropy will be a free game, on Steam.

If the game have some relevant succes, i will hire some one to port it to Unreal Engine. But in the meanwhile i work with C2, that is what i know.

This is all for now, the little introduction to MoE. You will hear of it again soon, cose im working really fast on it :)


Pew pew pew. A real artillery game.