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About coop mode

The cooperative mode of MTMH is about to see the light!

The player 2 will not be another human, as you may have imagined, but instead an advanced version of the companion bot.

Player 2 will be a support for the main hero. This droid can shoot, bombard, shield and pick up items. Since it’s a flying droid, player 2 will be able to move quickly throw the tower and get crates and coins. It will be a sort of last second saving mini-hero.


Player 2 skills:

  • Laser shoot
  • Drop mines
  • Shield
  • Heal
  • Return to master



This skills will always be available, but they will have a cool-down.

As long with all this, during the shopping time, 5 new options will be available to improve player 2 skills.
The coop mode will not be separated from the single player mode. If a gamepad is detected, player 2 will be able to join at anytime. If player 2 dies, the coop mode is over until the next shopping phase, where player 1 can buy a “repair bot” option that will cost gold (unless you don’t want to keep playing in coop, in that case, the game will be single player again)

player2RevealedThe play style of coop mode is aimed to have a great synergy between both players. The droid by itself its not a big deal, but in combination with player 1 skills, it becomes very powerful.

For example, if player 1 throws a grenade, and player 2 intercepts it, it will create a grenade rain cluster way more powerful than the normal one.

Player 1 can build walls to make the droid’s lasers shoot bounce in special ways. Player 2 can shield turrets if player 1 is in trouble. There are many other ways of cooperation that you have to discover!

Not yet confirmed, the coop mode may have a special perk tree 🙂

Stay tuned to our future updates. My Tower My Home is coming in March! We’ll be announcing a release date soon!



Perk up mister!

Hello there! Today we are introducing the new perk system in My Tower My Home.
We always wanted MTMH to be a tower defense game mixed with action platforming, and why not? to have a role game feeling.

To achieve that, giving the player the possibility to buy hero upgrades was not enough, so we added a whole perk/leveling system for your character.

It is pretty classic: you kill bad guys, they give you experience, you level up and you gain a skill point.
You can spend that skill point in the buy section at the end of each round. A separated tab will pop if you click the skill point button at the top.

There are three main perks families: Economy, Hero and Tower. Each one havs different specialization branches.

The economy family has a money production branch and an airdrop specialization branch.
The hero family has health, experience and weapons branches.
The tower family has the turrets and core branches.

You can chose from different families, but specific perks require previous perks or perk branch completion in order to be purchased.

This system will multiply the possible strategies for the game in a great way. Hope you enjoy them!

Textures plz!

13What is going on right now on 80xes? The gameplay is completed, but as you may have noticed, there’s a lack of diversity in the “look” of the levels. That is because we have only a few textures/backgrounds/assets.

But we’re changing that fast!

We are working in space-themed levels, retro neon levels, snow-themed ones and, of course, volcanic scenarios.


Things are getting hot! get ready!


Why 80 Boxes?

cajagorritaRumor has it that there are 80 boxes in each level of 80 Boxes. Others say that is called 80´s boxes because of the retro 80´s style. The truth is that Dr Antagonis splited the soul of Bubu in 80 parts and stored them in boxes. Father must get them all now to save his son.


Enough spoilers, let’s talk about the game.
80 Boxes is a battle platformer game with a retro style in which defeating your enemies with boxes turns to be an art slightly violent and gory.
As this is a firts post, let’s make a features list:

Platforms: PC and Mac, maybe Linux and OUYA


  • Boxes war
  • 5 game modes
  • Realistic physics
  • Lots of maps
  • 4 players in game (local)
  • Customizable profiles
  • Lots of random items to take advantage from


  • Puzzle resolving focused
  • Diferent campaigns!
  • Solo campaign
  • 2 Player campaign
  • Puzzle platform game


80 Boxes is in development since early 2013, yes, a lot of time for a game like this. Things like this happen when Mother Nature strikes you with all her wrath, one thay I will write a post about that story. For now, we are glad to announce that the realease date is near, can’t tell exactly when, but we hope to realese it in two months!


Interested in getting this game and make your friend cry in a super couch old style battle? Stay tunned for news!

My Tower, My Blog

Howdy folks! We know we should have started this blog long ago, but here it is: a section for MTMH.
The game is almost complete and is two steps away to be published on Steam, so, if you already know the game, good for you! 🙂
If you don’t, you can read a short description here:

My Tower My Home is a blend between a tower defense game and shooter-platformer 2D game.

You must defend the Tower Core, kill enemies, gain gold, buy upgrades for your hero, buy tower defenses, and build a strategy to resist a number of waves.

Story mode*, endless mode and coop* mode will be available in the final version.

Game facts Sheet:

  • 1 player mode
  • 2 players mode
  • 3 Game Difficult levels
  • 7 kind of enemies (with variations)
  • 5 hero’s upgrades
  • 5 hero’s weapons
  • 7 Turrets
  • 8 Tower upgrades
  • 44 passive perks
  • Infinite strategies
  • Infinite fun (just kidding, you’ll get bored after some hundreds of hours)

Story Mode and Coop may not be added at all. We’re considering it. It may imply way too much effort and we don’t even know if the game will sell well or not.
it’s just a ‘maybe’.

We hope to release the game on Steam in March.

Stay tunned!!

Pew pew, leave my tower alone

Introducing: Aldebaraan

navecitasHello folks, let me introduce the first of many casual games that we are planning to release along the year: Aldebaraan.

The mechanics are simple: you have to score points, how do you score points?

  • Making your spaceships travel the longest distance possible without exploding.
  • Extra points for reaching outer space (top of the screen)
  • Making the ship bounce
  • Picking up space cookies

tabletsThere are obstacles in the way of the ship to the firmament. If you crash with some of these objects, you will explode, or get stuck, lose power, bounce or gain propulsion.

If you reach the goal score, you’ll advance to the next level, otherwise, you will suffer an eternal agony in the deep dark space, kind of.

In order to get the goal score, each level has 10 missions which points are summed up.

The game will be in the Google Play Store very soon!



tipitoLet’s talk about a game that we have been keeping in the closet for a while.

In Unfographics you take the role of a generic pictogram man who can travel throw infographics.
His purpose is unknown (for you). He travels in a machine called G.O.A.L that makes the infographic-space-travel-time-potato possible.


Every time he land in a new infographics, he is far from the machine and he must make his way altering the “reality”.

Changing a number over here, lying over there, switching some info… whatever takes to make a “bridge” to reach his G.O.A.L.

Is he a good man? A bad man? A hero? Or a naive entity that rules the entire existence without realizing about it?

That is up to you!

When will it be released? We don’t know! It’s not our priority right now (we are only four dudes and we are working in other games right now). Hope is for late 2016!

In the meanwhile, check the ultra-buggy bad designed version of Unfographics on Newgrounds:

The game was born in a rush, during the Construct 2 Jam in 2015. The theme was Lies. The game you can see in Newgrounds was made in 2 days, that’s why it’s way too buggy, but the idea got a good reception so, as you can see, it’s going to be a real game, like Pinocchio.

Eventos y nuevos conocidos (SPANISH POST AND A BAD ENGLISH POST BELOW)


Hola!! En este Post hablaremos un poco de los eventos que pasaron y que se vienen.

Como algunos sabrán somos de La Plata (Argentina). En esta ciudad poco a poco esta creciendo la comunidad por lo que nos gustaría invitar a quien tenga ganas de entrar en este pequeño mundo de GameDevs o que ya haya empezado a los #ViernesDeTesting!


Este evento intenta reunir y ayudar a los desarrolladores para que tengan una noche de feedback y ademas sirva como motivación para continuar y terminar el juego (que es el mal de muchos ^^).

También la idea es contar experiencias y aprender entre todos para lograr realizar mejores juegos y entender los procesos de publicación y hasta a veces debates mas filosóficos respecto al entendimiento de los videojuegos como objeto cultural.

En el espíritu de contar y ayudar a la comunidad recomendamos a todos los que anden por la ciudad de buenos aires este finde ir al centro cultural matienzo que va a haber una muestra de videojuegos independiente:


Evento en face:


Y ya que estamos le contamos que estamos empezando a preparar lo nuevo de 80 BOXES para por fin terminar y seguir nuestras vidas con cosas nuevas.

Ah e hicimos este slogan, esperamos que les guste:


publicidad shoor revi mart2i



pd: prometemos escribir mas seguido


(Bad translation to english)


Hello !! In this post I’ll talk about events that happened and that will come from.

As some may know us from La Plata (Argentina). In this city is growing slowly community so we would like to invite those who would like to get into this little world of GameDevs or have already begun to #ViernesDeTesting!


This event aims to bring together and help developers to have a night of feedback and also serve as motivation to continue and finish the game (which is the evil of many ^^).

Also the idea is to share experiences and learn from each other to achieve make even better games and understand the publishing process and sometimes more philosophical debates regarding the understanding of videogames as a cultural object.

In the spirit of counting and help the community recommend all who walk through the city of Buenos Aires this weekend to go to the cultural center matienzo there will be a sample of independent game:


Event facebook:


And since we are we told that we are starting to prepare the new 80 BOXES to finally finish and continue our lives with new things.

Oh and we did this slogan, hope you like:

publicidad shoor revi mart2i

“we made games, not slogans”

Greetings To You !!

pd: we promise to write more often

(spanish post and a bad english post below) Resumen de los ultimos tiempos – Overview


Como verán no hemos estado agregando nuevos post al blog (si en twitter y facebook nuestras principales herramientas de comunicacion @shoorgames y, pero eso no significa inactividad sino todo lo contrario, estamos trabajando muchísimo y en los últimos tiempos hicimos muchisimas cosas. Este fin de año y comienzo del nuevo no podría haber sido mejor. Hemos expuesto en todos los grandes lugares de nuestro país, hemos obtenido el reconocimiento de importantes instituciones y hemos logrado ingresar a Steam con 80 BOXES, tenemos varios prototipos terminados, salido en diarios, revistas, radios y TV y como si fuera poco hemos conocido gente increíble.

Este nuevo año no se queda atrás ya que para empezar tenemos programado ir a la GDC por primera vez.

Y lo mejor de todo es que sentimos que nos falta aun mucho por aprender y mucho por conocer. Estén atentos este año queremos publicar no solo post en un blog sino muchos juegos.





[Bad translation]

As you can see we have not been adding new post to blog (twitter and facebook are our main tools of communication: @shoorgames ), but that does not mean inactivity, quite the contrary, we are working hard and in recent times we did lots of things. This year end and beginning of the new could not have been better. We have exhibited in all major places of our country, we have obtained the recognition of important institutions and we have managed to enter Steam with 80 BOXES; we have several finished prototypes… also  come in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, and last but not least we have known amazing people .

This new year is not far behind as we plan to start going to the GDC for the first time.

And best of all is that we feel that we need still much to learn and much to learn. Stay tuned this year we not only publish a blog post but many games.


Greetings !!




Our game 80XES will be in Tecnopolis


Our game 80XES will be in @TecnopolisArg (largest Latin American event of art and industry) this year!


80XES en tecnopolis


80XES estará en Tecnopolis! Para los que pasen por la megamuestra este año podrán jugar al 80XES!!

Máximo pueden jugar 4 personas a la vez no se empujen!! ^^

Siganos en:

TW: @shoorgames


Para saber mas sobre Tecnopolis: