Glup Squares!

Greetings outlanders!

Im glad to show you a blitz proyect, Glup Squares. The idea was to make a game in less than a month, and here it is!
Glup Squares is a simplification version of Rocket Sketchs: a vertical game where you can launh up to five elements and try to make the highest amount of points, avoiding or using objetcs in the scenario.

The aesthetics are also simplified, its all plain colours and water like forms.

This game is aimed to be a zen game, with no frustrating moments, relaxing. Its juicy and enjoyable, and still very simple. Just choose 3 (or more if you upgrade) bubbles to get the highest amount of squares, if possible try to clean a line or a colum for extra points.

If you get 80+ points in a single stage, you get up to three gems. This gems are used to buy upgrades at the game store.

Every 250 points, you get a reroll point, so you can change the value of a bubble to a new random number.

In this very first version there is only the endless game mode, but maybe in the future i will make a campaing mode as well.

Hope you like it!

Get it on the PLAY STORE