Rocket Sketch launching soon.

(very soon)

Howdy my interplanetary friends!

The launch date of Rocket Sketch is right upon us. We are working in the final polish and we are in the testing stage, dont have a release date yet, but between two or three weeks max!

The big new for the game (besides, again, we changed it’s name) are the new rockets!

There are four types of rockets with their own special skills. All of this skills works in the same way: tap while rocket is flying. Some of them can be activated once, and others many times, depending on the rocket type and level.

Yes, you can upgrade the rockets! You can access to the upgrade store from Endless mode menu, or at the end of each level in endless mode.

This special rockets are in campaing mode too, but their level is not affected by the store’s upgrades.

As i said, there are four types:

Dash Rocket: While in the air, tap and hold to use the nitro to pass through asteroids or simply gain the extra speed.

Cluster Rocket: Tap while flying to fire many clusters from the rocket center to its sides. The number of cluster goes from two to ten, depending on rocket’s level. This clusters will eat paper to gain point.

Dodge Rocket: Tap while flying to chance rockets’s direction. The new direction is the previous angle but to the other side.

Point Bomb Rocket: Tap while flying to explode and eat all the paper around the rocket. Higher level, bigger explosion.

Enigma Rocket: This one will appear only in endless mode. The fifth rocket its a random rocket. At level one, you have 20% chances to get a special rocket level 1 instead the standar rocket. At level five, you have 100% getting a special rocket level 5


The endless mode changed a little: now you have to beat each level to advance to the next instead farming points in blocks of ten levels. Its simpler and easy to understad :)

If you cant get throught a level, there is a continue option (for a price). Remember to upgrade your rockets, so you can advance further!

The campaing mode have a new item: The brick. Works the same as the triangle, but this one can be destroyed after three hits max.

We are also introducin a mini story for the game, staring a little girls called Agnes .

The story is divided by vignettes, one per nine block (nine levels).





The brick (orange one)



There will be fifty four initial levels in campaing mode. We intend to upload nine more levels per week if the profits make it worth.

This is all for now. So, stay tunned! SOOON